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Shenzhen Esion Iot Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Esion Iot)  is affiliated with China New Telecom Group (Hong Kong Stock Exchange Stock Code   08167) and is the leading provider of Internet of Things equipment and solutions in the industry.


Established on April 11, 2002, China New Telecom Group Co., Ltd. is committed to introducing advanced concepts and technologies to land, investing in and operating large data industry businesses in China, providing large data infrastructure services(IDC data center services) and Internet of Things integrated solutions.

Esion Iot was founded in 2012 and has a capital injection of 20 million yuan. It is currently working in Nanshan District. It is a company that focuses on the development of core technologies such as the cloud end, artificial intelligence, and edge computing of the Internet of Things and provides solutions to the Internet of Things system.

The core R&D team consists of top technology R&D personnel from Huawei and ZTE. Based on the 10 years of deep cultivation in the Internet of Things industry, the Internet of Things technology and comprehensive solutions of the company are thick and thin, providing customers with Internet of Things communication modules, intelligent collection terminals and overall solutions. We provide solutions from chips, wireless communication modules(customizable) and solutions, Internet of Things platforms to industry applications, provide customers with one-stop Internet of Things cloud solutions, and flexibly deploy according to the company platform. It has been applied in many fields such as smart families, smart communities, smart parks, and smart venues.

In the next two to three years, the company will focus on Internet of Things cloud platform research and development, terminal product development and market sales expansion, and the Internet of Things smart collection terminal as the master. We will build systematic solutions for smart families, smart communities, smart parks, and smart venues based on our own Internet of Things terminal products and self-cloud applications.

With high standard, high quality industrial product quality system, build easy to connect the big data big connection of the Internet of Things application scene. The future has the opportunity to expand services to various traditional industries intelligent upgrade.

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