Leadership speech

    In 2012, the Internet of Things (IOT) emerged with the development of the Esion Iot industry and became the first batch of IOT enterprises. After more than ten years of technological precipitation and market tempering, Yixin IOT has developed into an industry-leading IOT cloud end company, which researches and develops core technologies such as artificial intelligence and Edge Computing and provides IOT system solutions.

    Adhering to the group's development policy of strengthening reform and innovation and establishing the whole process of scientific and technological innovation ecological chain of 'basic research+technological research+industrialization of achievements+Scientific and Technological Finance', and relying on the group's abundant capital and Internet of Things resources, Yixin IOT insists on connecting the deeply connected and seemingly disordered Internet of Things markets with capital as a link to form a community of interests and a community of destiny.

    The business philosophy of Esion Iot is to integrate chips (with algorithm as the core), terminals, systems, platforms and applications into one through platform-based operation to form interaction, build technological penetration, realize quality scale connection, form data ecology and deepen sustainable development.

    No perception, no connection

    No ecology, no survival

    In the days to come, let's join hands, cooperate sincerely, surpass constantly and build new career dreams together!

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