2019 12th International Internet of Things Exhibition-Beijing Station

In   2018,   the   leading   leaders   of   Internet   enterprises   announced   an   all-round   entry into the IOT. Subsequently, the company carried out a major intelligent restructuring of its organizational structure, sharpening its knives and girding its girdle, making full preparations for the Internet of Things era when everything is interconnected. Industry leaders have set an example. No one denies that the Internet of Things has a trillion-dollar market value. They have even attracted batch after batch of scientific and technological talents to enter the IOT field and become new players.

The government has made it clear that 5G and the Internet of Things are one of the economic priorities in 2019. Enterprises are also actively embracing the Internet of Things in their respective fields. 5G technology, which is being closely watched by various countries, also provides network support for the popularization and scale application of the Internet of Things. It can be seen that the Internet of Things is a hot topic and everyone wants to have a taste of it. However, it is also necessary to see the problems that still exist or have not been solved in the Internet of Things.

First of all, does the Internet of Things market give you the profit and return you want?

Secondly, do you have decisive core technologies and products?

Finally, there is great uncertainty in the Internet of Things. Are you ready to deal with it?

As the saying goes, opportunities are reserved for those who are prepared. No one can refute this. Faced with many difficult problems in the current Internet of Things industry, enterprises need to make preparations in three aspects: first, core technologies, second, innovative products, and third, publicity and popularization.

Core technology and innovative products are the basis for an enterprise to establish and obtain revenue returns, while publicity and popularization are the necessary channels for an enterprise to increase additional profits. When you have the first two, how do you open channels to expand publicity and increase revenue opportunities?

Under-line exhibition platform with universal gravitation

The starting point of publicity and popularization is to gain more people’s awareness, so a professional platform with tens of thousands of people’s attention is needed to give force, and AIOTE just provides such a platform. AIOTE International Internet of Things Expo is a professional exhibition platform for the entire industry chain of the Internet of Things. In 2018AIOTE held last year, more than 670 exhibitors took part, and IOT sensors, aerospace science and technology, and aviation industry corporation of china took part. Professional audience reached 120,000. It has attracted international exhibition groups, institutions and units from 13 countries and regions including China (including Hong Kong, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan Province), Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, South Korea, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and the United States. The proportion of internationalization exceeded 21%, and the exhibition achieved the goal of win-win for all parties and achieved satisfactory results. In the area of Internet of Things, apart from the popularization of online channels, what can be a more attractive offline communication platform than AIOTE International Internet of Things Expo?

Be prepared to face up to uncertainty.

It is true that there are various uncertainties in the era when everything is interconnected, but the existence is reasonable. In the future, there may be more scientific and technological products that are now inconceivable to everyone, but they will not leave the category of Internet of Things technology. In general, the Internet of Things can include four architecture layers, namely, perception layer, network transport layer, computing and platform layer, and application layer. Although each layer of architecture contains a variety of technologies and products, its core is unchanged. Grasp the core, make preparations, and face the great challenges of the future Internet of Things. As Ma Yun said in his speech, entrepreneurs are to face uncertainty and grasp opportunities. Uncertainty becomes certainty.

So, what kind of platform should Internet of Things enterprises choose to include all the technologies of Internet of Things and cover the whole industrial chain of Internet of Things without omission in front of the audience? Of course, I chose AIOTE International Internet of Things Expo. AIOTE is the most complete exhibition on the industrial chain of the Internet of Things, including equipment manufacturers, system integrators, network operators and platform suppliers. The exhibition covers MEMS, RFID, smart cards, sensors, bar codes, biometrics, Video Recognition, Video identification., etc. based on the perception layer of the Internet of Things. NB-IoT, LoRa, 2G/3G/4G/5G, eSIM, ZigBee, Bluetooth, GPRS, WIFI, UWB, Z-wave, etc. of the network transport layer, cloud computing, cloud platform, big data and data security, artificial intelligence, etc. of the computing and platform layer, as well as real-time accurate positioning of the application layer, smart retail, unmanned vending, Industry 4.0, intelligent logistics system, smart city, smart home, etc.

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