Intelligent water meter
Intelligent water meter

NB-IoT Internet of Things Direct Reading Water Meter Based on Narrowband Cellular Internet of Things and Photoelectric Direct Reading Technology

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1 product introduction

    Yi Xun IOT NB-IoT IOT direct reading water meter facilitates remote meter reading and control. The direct reading water meter is used as the measurement basis, and the internet of things with NB-IoT narrow band honeycomb is used to carry out the internet of things, so that the automatic remote meter reading of the used water quantity of the water meter is realized, the door-to-door meter reading of the management department is effectively avoided, the valve control function (optional) is provided, and the management department is convenient to control the water consumption of the water meter, so that the remote meter reading and control become more convenient and reliable, the production efficiency is effectively improved while manpower, material resources and financial resources are saved, and the remote meter reading and control device is especially suitable for installation in an environment with difficult wiring and a large population.

2 scene illustration


3 system architecture


4 Introduction of Core Functions

Intelligent water meter

5 product appearance



    Model: NB WM001

    Carrying ER26500 high capacity battery

    Ball valve with copper shell and through hole

    Support prepayment


    Model: NB WM002

    Carrying ER26500 high capacity battery

    Iron shell without valve

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